B&W: Black and White – The Migrant Trend is online

I’m happy to announce that the “B&W: Black and White – The Migrant Trend” platform is online. Visit the page at this link. B&W is the social promotion association co-founded and art directed by Caterina Pecchioli, supporting migrant fashion makers in Italy. Its goal is to consolidate the Italian fashion realities – social cooperatives, companies and fashion projects – launched, or involving asylum seekers, refugees, migrants, and holders of international protection to facilitate the emergence of young talents, stimulate the professional empowerment of young migrants, and expand knowledge and awareness of the Italian intercultural fashion scene.

A map of these realities is available at this link.

B&W aims at giving visibility to a new fashion for a new people – ethical and sustainable – that combines multiple histories and cultures, healing the traumas of displacement with the practice of inclusion, while respecting identities. I sit in the scientific board and am deeply invested in seeing this much-needed interdisciplinary project receive the visibility and support it deserves.

Since 2019, B&W has put together a network of industry stakeholders, researchers, and fashion experts with which it launches initiatives and actions that reflect an action-research approach. These events have included masterclasses, seminars, art and design residences, collaborations with large and small brands and maisons, consultancy for start ups, and training for existing small businesses.

Ph.: Marco Bellucci

I posted about some of our initiatives here and here.

The Site offers itself as a tool of promotion and exchange, reporting and mapping the evolution of migrant fashion in Italy and B&W’s involvement in it.

Browse it and the Instagram account @bw_blackwhitelab to learn more about its past actions and plans for the future.